Criminal cases

Criminal cases

We represent clients in criminal proceedings related to their business activities. While defending our clients in cases relating to white collar crime or while representing them as aggrieved parties or on the side of prosecution, we work closely with our colleagues from other relevant practices of our Firm, especially with our tax law experts.

Representative experience
  • Defended a well-known Polish businessman in the most widely publicized corruption case of recent years in the course of prosecution proceedings and before courts of both instances
  • Defended an entrepreneur operating in the alcohol sector in a case relating to the violation of the rules of trading in alcohol
  • Defended a member of the management board of a developer company in a fiscal penal case related to the alleged risk of unduly diminished tax
  • Defended a former management board member of a leading waste management company in a case related to environmental crime
  • Represented a well-known Polish businessman (as the aggrieved party) in a number of criminal proceedings concerning the abuse of powers or failure to fulfil obligations by the authorities investigating him
  • Represented a developer company as a private subsidiary prosecutor in a case regarding illegal dumping of 30 thousand cubic meters of waste on the area owned by the company
  • Represented a leading distributor of laboratory equipment wronged by an act of unfair competition and abuse of trust by a former employee (the damage caused by the crime amounts to many millions of PLN)
  • Represented (as the aggrieved party) a developer company in a widely publicized investigation into a fire in its shopping center in the Mazury region which resulted in fatalities
  • Represented a private prosecutor in a libel case against the authors of a press article published in a national daily newspaper
  • Represented a pharmaceutical company as an auxiliary prosecutor in a criminal case against former board members in connection with irregularities relating to the sale of real estate worth several dozen million PLN
Marcin Boruc Marcin Boruc

Marcin Boruc

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Sylwester Pieckowski

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Adam Zwierzyński