Cogeneration and heat

Cogeneration and heat

Scope of services
  • advice and representation of Clients in proceedings concerning licences and tariffs for district heating companies
  • support related to the connection of heat sources to the district heating network
  • drafting and advising on contracts for construction, maintenance, operation and servicing of combined heat and power (CHP) facilities and installations
  • advice on the obligations of companies involved in heat production, trading and distribution
  • representing Clients in disputes between energy companies as regards grid connections and the provision of heat distribution and trading services
  • advice on support mechanisms for producers of electricity in cogeneration under the Energy Law and the Act on the Promotion of Electricity Generated from High Efficiency Cogeneration
  • drafting and support in relation to agreements for the sale and distribution of heat
Representative experience
  • advised a Polish multi energy group in relation to the construction of high-efficiency cogeneration units with a total installed capacity of 1000 MW
  • advised several CHP electricity producers on connection of a source to the district heating network and represented them in a dispute with a district heating company
  • represented a number of heat producers in tariff proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office
  • drafted a set of contracts related to cooperation with customers as regards construction and operation of small cogeneration units for a leading Polish power company
  • represented a power company in a procurement process regarding the construction and operation of a cogeneration unit in one of the cities in Poland
  • advised the Polish Association of Utility Heat and Power Plants (PTEZ) in the course of legislative work related to the introduction of a support mechanism for electricity from cogeneration in the form of certificates of origin into the Energy Law and introduction of regulations concerning a simplified method of calculating tariffs for heat produced in cogeneration
Przemysław Kałek Przemysław Kałek

Przemysław Kałek

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Joanna Nowak-Paradowska