Scope of services
  • support in the process of acquisition of energy companies
  • due diligence of energy companies
  • advice on regulatory issues concerning electricity generation, trading and distribution, including licences, tariffs and obligations of energy companies
  • support in the scope of compliance with obligations concerning support mechanisms under the Energy Law, the Renewable Energy Sources Act, the Energy Efficiency Act, the Act on the Promotion of Electricity Generated from High Efficiency Cogeneration and the Capacity Market Act
  • drafting and advising on power purchase agreements (also according to EFET template), agreements for electricity distribution services, universal agreements, electricity balancing agreements
  • drafting and support in respect of fuel supply contracts
  • support related to financial instruments and reporting for the energy sector (MIFID II, REMIT, EMIR)
  • advice on RES auctions and support mechanisms for electricity from renewable energy sources
  • advice in relation to the Capacity Market Act, capacity auctions and capacity contracts
  • support in relation to applications for adjustment of stranded costs
  • advice on the exemption from the obligation of public trading and the performance of duties related to the obligation of public trading
  • conducting disputes and proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office as regards compliance with the obligations resulting from the energy law
  • representing Clients in cases before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection in connection with the abuse of dominant position and infringement of collective interests of consumers
  • support in relation to investment processes in the power sector (drafting and negotiation of contracts for the construction of power facilities, long-term service agreements, etc.).
  • advice in relation to electromobility and energy storage facilities
  • advice related to energy storage facilities
Representative experience
  • advised a number of energy companies on regulatory matters regarding electricity generation, trading and distribution (licences, tariffs, sales contracts, agreements for electricity distribution services, fuel stocks, compliance with obligations)
  • advised energy companies in relation to the development and approval of electricity tariffs and exemption from the obligation to submit tariffs for approval
  • advised several energy companies in connection with auctions on the basis of the Capacity Market Act
  • advised several energy companies in connection with the performance of obligations regarding certificates of origin of electricity from renewable sources, cogeneration and reliefs for energy-intensive consumers
  • represented many energy companies in disputes with electricity consumers, in antimonopoly proceedings, before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and common courts
  • advised electricity producers selling energy under the Corporate PPA formula
  • represented investors in their projects of construction of new generation capacity
  • represented an electricity producer in proceedings concerning the right to adjust stranded costs
  • drafted for several energy companies templates of universal agreements, electricity sales agreements, agreements for electricity distribution services and general terms and conditions for such agreements
Przemysław Kałek Przemysław Kałek

Przemysław Kałek

Joanna Nowak-Paradowska Joanna Nowak-Paradowska

Joanna Nowak-Paradowska