Energy and mining regulatory matters

Energy and mining regulatory matters

Scope of services
  • obtaining all types of licences granted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office
  • support in the preparation and approval of tariffs for electricity, gas fuels and heat
  • support in obtaining decisions to appoint system operators
  • assistance in the use of support mechanisms under the Renewable Energy Sources Act, the Energy Efficiency Act, the Act on the Promotion of Electricity Generated from High Efficiency Cogeneration, the Capacity Market Act and the Electromobility Act
  • advice related to trading in financial instruments and reporting for the energy sector (MIFID II, REMIT, EMIR)
  • advice related to the emissions trading system for greenhouse gases (EU ETS) and trading in emission allowances
Representative experience
  • succeeded in obtaining an exemption of two energy companies performing the role of the supplier of last resort from the obligation to submit electricity tariffs to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office for approval
  • supported Polish and international energy companies in obtaining permission from the President of the Energy Regulatory Office to update bids submitted at RES auctions
  • represented an electricity producer in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office regarding an exemption from the obligation of public trading
  • supported a Polish company in creating a network of electric vehicle charging stations
  • advised Polish energy companies intending to participate in the capacity market
  • advised several electricity trading companies in connection with the capping of electricity prices in 2019
  • advised energy and oil companies on multiple regulatory aspects of their activities in Poland (oil and gas stocks, extraction of raw materials)
  • advised a European energy group on issues related to the domestic and international trading in gaseous fuels
  • represented a German producer in connection with a restriction imposed on the marketing of lignite briquettes
  • advised on mandatory unbundling of electricity and gas system operators
  • represented several electricity users in proceedings concerning non-compliance with restrictions on the supply and consumption of electricity
  • implemented the requirements resulting from REMIT, MiFID II and EMIR in several energy companies
  • advised the Polish Association for Transmission and Distribution of Electricity (PTPiREE) on a number of issues related to the Energy Law, including the implementation of smart metering, a common model for the exchange of information on the customer (ebIX), integration of microinstallations with the power system, regulatory reporting, calibration certificates for meters, making the power infrastructure available to telecommunication companies, electromobility and issues related to the suspension of electricity supply to customers
  • advised the Polish Association of Utility Heat and Power Plants (PTEZ) in the course of legislative work on the implementation of the European Union Directive on electricity produced in cogeneration with heat, including development of a draft amendment to the Energy Law introducing a support mechanism in the form of certificates of origin from cogeneration
  • advised the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) on matters related to the Energy Law and other legal acts affecting the wind energy sector, such as the Act on Wind Energy Investment Projects, the Act on Agricultural Land, the Act on Maritime Areas etc.
Przemysław Kałek Przemysław Kałek

Przemysław Kałek

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Joanna Nowak-Paradowska